Friday, October 30, 2015

Voter Registration in the UK

Don’t lose your Right to Vote!
Get on the Voters Registration by 1st December 2015!

From 1st December 2015, in the UK, all household members must register individually or face being removed from the Voters Register.

Many could be disenfranchised – make sure you are not one of them!
Anyone who has not individually registered by 1 December 2015 will be removed from the register.

Originally, the deadline was December 2016 but the Tories have brought it forward by one year. This means that potentially over one million voters could lose the chance to vote in next May's local elections. 

Until 2009, one person in each household completed the registration for every resident eligible to vote, but now all that has changed. Each person who is eligible to vote now has to do this individually.

So, make sure you do not lose your right and opportunity to vote – something that has been fought so hard for by activists in history.

Also, see the film 'Suffragette' to emphasise the point for women!

So, get online and register to vote at:

Suffragette (film trailer, 2015): and Press Conference:

Further information:

‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:
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